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Mar 7 2016 0

Used Containers

While used containers aren’t quite as pretty as their newer counterparts, there are definitely some distinct benefits to using them. Used containers are pretty much half the price of new containers so you can get two for the price of one! Also just because they are used and have a little bit of rust doesn’t mean they won’t last you another 20-30 years and with proper maintenance they will last even longer!

  • Builders
  • Shipping Companies
  • Sports Programs

All of our boxes are rigorously inspected and if we find any issues with the box we will repair accordingly before selling.


  • 20′
  • 40′
  • 45′


  • Many types of mods for our used boxes. Contact us!

Our pricing, delivery, and quality, will always be fair, priced competitively better than most, our team is honest and you will know you’re working with a partner that understands unique customer requirements and can adjust to those needs. Our customer response, shows we do a very good job, at very fair prices.