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Mar 7 2016 0

Refrigerated Containers

Need a new or used refrigerated container? The Container Source offers refrigerated cargo containers (reefer containers) to suit any application. With our expertise, we’ll source the perfect refrigerated cargo container for your needs.

Having the ability to store temporarily higher inventories, or seasonal goods, while not experiencing year-round, large reefer building lease fees. They can heat, defrost, chill, or freeze. Many use it for hand loaded smaller inventories as dairy, condiments, etc. and make shelves throughout.

Great for restaurants, food distributors, small and large groceries, hopps and cherry growers, agriculture, seafood, and airline composite parts, to name a few.

Refrigerated containers are used to store temperature sensitive products, from 0 F to 70 F, dairy, seafood, general grocery items, sometimes that includes products that shouldn’t freeze, as oils, fluids, etc. These can be placed at Ground level, or even in buildings.


  • 20′
  • 40′


  • Bulkheads
  • Chassis
  • Dock Height
  • Transformers

Power Source – Customer supplied three phase power is required. Gensets are available for lease.

With 20 years of refrigerated experience, in hundreds of industries, TCS has the experience to insure the customer experience is well informed, with strong emphasis on high quality equipment that meets the customers’ needs correctly. Knowledge of the product and how to minimize challenges, is our strong spot.

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