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Mar 6 2016 0

New Containers

New containers will last 30 to 40 years, used boxes are a good storage option for up to 10 years, longer than that, a new box may be a better option, as value, quality, etc. will decline considerably on used, where it will grow on newer boxes.

Easy to open doors, no maintenance for many years, New color options are more neighborhood friendly as Tan/Beige/Grey are popular, and new have no steamship logos.

All industries use containers, we sell to fire departments, homeowners, farms, tire companies, seafood, warehouses, retail gas and grocery, food distributors. Literally anyone that needs to store something and wants the best cosmetics possible, buy new containers.

Sizes – We can access all sizes, types with short notice.

  • 9′
  • 10′
  • 16′
  • 20′ (most popular)
  • 24′
  • 40′ (most popular)
  • 45′


  • Lock Boxes
  • Walk in
  • Roll up Doors
  • Windows
  • Vents

Our pricing, delivery, and quality, will always be fair, priced competitively better than most, our team is honest and you will know you’re working with a partner that understands unique customer requirements and can adjust to those needs. Our customer response, shows we do a very good job, at very fair prices.

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